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How to Publish a Book - Essential Steps
« on: October 17, 2013, 03:49:20 pm »
How to Publish a Book – the Essential Steps

1) Decide whether you want to self-publish or find a traditional publisher for your book

2) If you decide to go the traditional publishing route, you may start by targeting your book to major publishers like Random House, Harper, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Putnam.

3) To get your book manuscript to an editor at a major publishing house, you will need a literary agent to represent you. Literary agents work on behalf of their client writers to pitch, negotiate, and sell the publishing rights for your book to a publisher. You can find out more about literary agents at

4) To interest a literary agent in your book, you’ll need to write a one-page query letter that describes your book, your background and experience, and why you feel this particular agent is a good fit for you, your book, and your career. Most agents will accept a one-page query letter via email.

5) If your query letter captures the attention of a literary agent, the agent will want to read your completed manuscript and speak with you by phone to discuss your book and how you might best work with your literary agent.

6) Some literary agents may ask you to sign a contract stipulating your commitment to work solely with them in the negotiating process with publishers.

7) Eventually the literary agent will begin pitching your book to editors at publishing companies. If the agent is successful in finding an interested editor, that editor will then pitch the book in-house at a meeting with other editors and the publisher. If everyone agrees the book is a good fit for the publishing company, they will begin negotiating with your literary agent.

8. If the negotiations are successful, you will sign a contract granting the publishing company rights to publish your book. At that point, you’ll be assigned an editor who will work with you to bring your book to publication.
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